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Down Arrow "S" Salivary Aromatherapy

Promoting a sensation of decreased excess saliva symptoms Down Arrow S Salivary will comfort and support you or a loved one thorugh the difficult time of stroke, g-tube or swallowing problems. An amazing product that packs a punch to help with acute or chronic conditions.

Unique Clip-On Aromatherapy

Down Arrow ↓S Salivary™

Essential Oil Roll-On 


  • roll-on with cap         
  • clip (attached)
  • reusable designer paper tube container
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A very unique product in many ways.

Essential Oil Details:  •Oils are blended in a safe dilution with Organic Jojoba Oil in a 5ml roll-on bottle•Essential Oils include :


Apply 5x on inner wrist in circular motion. Repeat as needed.

**As with all aromatherapy containing citrus oils, such as Lemon and Bergamot, please use caution while in direct sun as they can be photosensitizing (sun- sensitizing). Avoid use of tanning bed and sun bathing (artificial or natural sunlight)  for at least 12-24 hours after applying on wrists (skin).

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Our Down Arrow Salivary Aromatherapy will promote a sensation of decreased excess saliva symptoms and comfort through emotional and spiritual support.

Our Aromatherapy is made ONLY with Organic Essential Oils**


Product Details: Roll-On bottles are wrapped in soft easy to hold sleeve for comfort. A Clip-on is included. An optional Ribbon Clasp attaches to Bag, Clothes, Bed or Travel.


Salivary (Excess Saliva)

Perfect gift for anyone who is experiencing excess saliva. A convenient product for all levels of health.

Salivary Blend

Causes of excessive saliva or Salivary Secretions may include • swallowing problems and inhibition of swallow reflexes due to stroke or nuerological conditions •Increase of mucous production  •Decrease in cough reflex causing excessive saliva*


Caution: Please be advised our products are not intended for children or if pregnant. External use only. Please discontinue use if skin rash or irritation developes.  *Statements have not been approved by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Contact us M-F 9am-5pm EST at 732-875-1136 for more information.

Our UNIQUE products can be found in select pharmacies offering holistic medicine, health food stores and trendy boutiques in New Jersey. We are a supportive product for Hospitals, Assisted Living facilities, Hospices, Nursing Homes and Individuals with G-Tube seeking Holistic Medicine or Palliative Care Aromatherapy.  

Call us or email at info@alternavessentials.com for more information.